Grant FAQ

Following are some common questions asked in regards to the grants awarded by the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation. If your question is not on the list, please contact us for the information.

  • Who may apply for a grant through the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation?

    Any non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status, charitable projects of a governmental agency or the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsors for an agency may apply. Organizations must exist within Hamilton County or serve the residents of Hamilton County. Projects must improve the quality of life for residents throughout Hamilton County.
  • Can we still apply for a grant if we don’t have 501(c)(3) status?

    Yes. If your organization does not have a 501(c)(3) status, anther agency can serve as a fiscal sponsor. This organization would need to agree to be responsible for the grant monies on your behalf.

    When looking for a fiscal sponsor, look to organizations that have demonstrated an interest in programs or projects similar to yours. It will be easier to find a fiscal sponsor if your project enhances or furthers their organizational charitable purposes and if that organization can benefit from your project in some way.

  • What is the intent of the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation’s grant making?

    Grants are committed to groups that look to improve the quality of life throughout Hamilton County. Grants proposals are strongly encouraged to address one or more of the following community needs:

    • Environment/Animal
    • Public/Society Benefit
    • Human Services
    • Arts/Culture/Humanities
    • Health
    • Education
  • What is the grant selection process?

    Members of the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Grant Review Committee review the submitted proposals, apply review criteria and choose applications that best meet the criteria and that will assist in improving the quality of life in Hamilton County.

    Winning proposals demonstrate a compelling need and provide clear project descriptions, listing goals and objectives as well as outlining a feasible budget. Projects need to demonstrate how they will benefit the community. It is also important to describe how the project will assist the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation with furthering their organizational mission.

  • Do I have to type my grant application?

    Yes. Enhance Hamilton County Foundation will not accept any handwritten applications. All submissions must be typed in 10-point font or larger.
  • Do we have a deadline to complete the project that we submitted our grant application?

    Funded projects must be completed within nine (9) months from award notification. An extension may be granted if requested in writing and approval is given by the grant making committee. If it is known upfront that the project will take more than nine months to complete, please indicate on the application so the Review Committee has this information when reviewing your application.
  • If we don’t end up using all the grant dollars awarded to project, do we just keep the money?

    If there are funds remaining after the project is completed, the monies must be returned to the Enhanced Hamilton County Foundation.
  • What if the project we submitted for grant monies changes in scope after we have been awarded the grant?

    Money not used for the designated purpose must be returned within 18 months of the award. If the project changes from what was originally outlined in the application, the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation Board must be notified in writing to determine whether awarded funds can still be used.
  • Once our project is completed, do we need to notify the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation?

    Yes. A final report must be submitted upon the completion of the project. Digital or electronic photos of the project and copies of any news clippings are strongly recommended. Documents supporting the expenses should also be submitted. Any monies remaining must be returned to the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation or the organization is deemed unable to submit future grant applications.