ABOUT US_FAQBelow are answers to some frequently asked questions. For more specific information, please contact Darcy Swon, Development Director – Enhance Hamilton County Foundation at 515.835.0437 or at dswon@enhancehamiltoncounty.org.

  • What’s The Minimum I Need To Start Giving?

    Donations of all sizes can help make an impact. Contributions can be made to an existing fund or a new one can be established. For specific information, please contact the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.
  • Where Can I Find Grants That Are Currently Available?

    The Iowa Community Foundation has varying grant deadlines as each organization is a separate organization serving a specific geographic area. For specific information and application materials, please contact the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.
  • How Can I Volunteer/Participate?

    The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation relies on volunteers who are passionate about Hamilton County and impacting the charitable projects and programs now and in the future. To learn more about getting involved, please contact the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation.
  • How Do Community Foundations Impact A Community?

    Iowa Community Foundations are unique in their ability to make an impact in so many diverse areas of a community’s need. Donors make gifts that allow continuous improvements throughout our communities… today and tomorrow.

    We gather information and track the many local agencies and programs working to enhance our communities. Based on this information, we make grants and direct resources to the most appropriate areas. We stay alert to emerging issues and foster giving and volunteerism in our community.

    We have the flexibility to:

    • Support high-impact opportunities… those that will make the greatest difference in our communities
    • Serve as a catalyst for bringing organizations into existence as new needs arise.
    • Re-direct funds as appropriate if and when our communities’ needs change (or when local non-profit organizations cease to exist)

    We help you make the greatest impact in your community. Contact the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation for more information.

  • What Is A Community Foundation?

    Iowa Community Foundations, such as the Enhance Hamilton County Foundation, are nonprofit organizations established to meet the current and future needs of their local communities. We offer all the tax advantages of charitable giving, the long-term benefits of endowment funding, and the ability to establish a legacy fund in the name of your family or a loved one.