Simplify your giving this holiday season

As year-end approaches, requests from organizations doing great things pour in. And there’s good reason for that. A significant amount of charitable giving happens in the fourth quarter.

No matter if it’s $25 or $25,000 you have available to share, having a personal plan for giving is always a good idea.

As you think about your own contributions at the end of this year, here are three ideas to help maximize your giving:

  1. If you plan to give, talk to your financial advisor.

Discuss what assets to contribute and the different options that are available to simplify your giving and maximize your tax benefit. We often think of giving with our checkbooks or cash, but you may have other assets that could offer a more beneficial way to give.

  1. Think about what matters most to you.

Ask yourself this question: If you could spend two weeks volunteering for any cause or nonprofit, what would it be? This may be a good indication to consider it for a financial contribution.

  1. Get the family involved.

Giving together is a great way for families to share interests and values. When children or grandchildren are involved in giving (and volunteering) they learn the joy and importance of being involved in their communities.

The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation is here to partner with you as you consider your charitable giving goals this holiday season. We are here to help simplify your giving through charitable giving funds that you can establish with a tax-deductible contribution. From there you can focus on the joy of giving by supporting the causes you care about over time or as needs arise. To explore the possibilities for your personalized giving strategy, contact Darcy Swon, Development Director, at 515.835.0437 or or visit

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